A Mid-Week Highpoint with Ron Zappia

Have you ever been inspired by a leader whether past or present who really speaks to you? Maybe they’ve even recruited you to be a spokesperson for them or impacted you to the point of wanting to follow them wherever they go. I can think of a few people in history who have had this impact on individuals whether for good or bad. People like Abraham Lincoln, leading the charge against slavery. Martin Luther King Jr. fighting for equality and an end to racism. Adolf Hitler brainwashing an entire nation to embrace genocide as normal. You see, the influence an individual can have on others can be tremendous.

...But rather than focusing on all these fascinating leaders, I want to hone in on the greatest influencer in history: Jesus.
— Ron Zappia

Many people, Christian or otherwise, are interested in Jesus. He's listed as the most influential figure in history. But liking him and following him are two different things.

This week on the daily and weekly 25-minute broadcast, Highpoint with Ron Zappia, we're going back to the basics on what it means to be the people of God. Pastor Ron Zappia outlines basic principles of the faith such as being growth oriented, Bible based, and discipleship focused. It's an important series titled, Simple Church.

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Rachel Bardwell