Alistair Begg, Chuck Swindoll, and Haddon Robinson Among Baylor’s Prestigious List of “12 Most Effective Preachers"


In every generation, God has raised up voices to lead people back to Him and strengthen faith in men and women around the world.

On May 1, 2018, Baylor University released its 2018 list of the 12 most "effective" preachers in the English-speaking world—an honor that’s been regarded as one of the most prestigious in the preaching profession since Baylor released the last such list in 1996.

We join the chorus of congratulations for the 12 recipients, who were chosen by a board of 179 scholars from 1,000 nominees.  And we’d like to pay special tribute to Alistair Begg of Truth for LifeChuck Swindoll of Insight for Living, and the late Haddon Robinson, former host of Discover the Word.

It’s our privilege to partner with the timeless radio teaching ministries of these three veteran Bible teachers.

Shawn Boyd, who works at the Kyle Lake Center for Effective Preaching at Baylor says of the 12…

What they all share is that they are captivating speakers whose eloquence points toward God, not their own egos … They preach it, they believe it and they live it.

You can bring the powerful preaching of Alistair Begg and Chuck Swindoll, as well as the legacy teaching of Haddon Robinson, to your listeners today!

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Rachel Bardwell