Honoring Those Who Came Before Us, Leaving a Legacy for Those Who Come After


What do you remember about your grandparents? 

Was grandma’s skin soft as silk, her chocolate cake the best you’ve ever eaten? Did grandpa tell stories of life on the farm, or summer revivals at their local church? Or perhaps memories of your grandparents aren't as warm and nostalgic. 
No matter our family history, the men and women who’ve come before us have influenced our lives for better or for worse. And whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or care for children in any capacity, now it’s your turn to bear the weight of influence.
This Sunday, September 9, is National Grandparents Day so we wanted to honor the grandparents within our community of station partners.

To help us celebrate, Mark Gregston of Parenting Today’s Teens is providing a copy of his acclaimed grandparenting book, Leaving a Legacy of Hope, to all stations airing the weekly and/or daily program. Email us at info@rkmedia.co to request your copy.

Here’s the type of wisdom (and humor!) you'll uncover in the book …

  • Why Gray Hair Works to Your Benefit

  • Making Memories Before You Lose Yours

  • Giving Your Grandkids What They Want  (Even When They Don’t Know They Want It)

  • You Have a Place in Their Lives, Even if You’re Old as Dirt

  • Changing Gears When You’re Almost Out of Gas

On behalf of Mark and Parenting Today's Teens, we hope this gift communicates our deep appreciation for the parents grandparents with our radio community.

Happy Grandparents Day! 

Not already airing Parenting Today's Teens? Contact our Media Services team today and request a copy of Leaving a Legacy of Hope when you sign up to air the daily and/or weekly programs. 

Rachel Bardwell