What Separates a Good Program from a Great one?

From podcast and radio to Google Home and Alexa, audio content is more accessible—and more popular—than ever before. But what distinguishes a good program from a great one? The answer to that question comes from RK Media’s Broadcast Production Manager Peter Rincon


Peter has a rich history in audio production. He is both a pioneer and a veteran when it comes to crafting exceptional audio. He would be the last person to tell you, but he’s collected an array of awards over the course of his commercial career, including a Grand Clio and an Emmy. Today, he uses those same talents to create quality Christian programming here at RK Media.


So back to the question at hand: What distinguishes a good program from a great one? Peter responded without hesitation:

“It needs to be a seamless story, whether I’m editing a sermon or creating a commercial.”


According to Peter, one of the most challenging undertakings for an audio designer is trying to find the nuggets of gold in a large pool of audio and deciding what is absolutely necessary to communicate to the listener.

Peter is no stranger to this process. He has a long history producing commercial spots for brands like Men’s Warehouse, Google, and Groupon, just to name a few. Our ministry clients benefit from Peter’s experience as he edits sermons and crafts them into daily and weekly programs that flow through listener ears with ease, communicating biblical truth and encouragement.

Just when it seemed Peter had concluded his answer to the question, he added, “Oh, and a show has to be dynamic!” He explained that a program should have a vast array of sound color with different textures and levels so that it’s interesting enough to keep the listener’s attention.

To sum it all up, a program must communicate a clear message, play seamlessly from start to finish, and be colorful and dynamic. Sounds like a lot of elements to keep in the balance!

Closing out the conversation, Peter offered some advice to any aspiring audio engineers out there. He emphasized the importance of learning strong editing techniques and cautioned against relying too heavily on mixing.

“The success of a good mix is how well the pre-lay has been done, how well the editing and preproduction has been done. Good preproduction is the foundation and then you build your house and mix on that foundation.”

That’s a wrap! I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a behind the scenes look at one of our talented RK Media team members.

Stay tuned for next week’s team spotlight!


Peter Rincon is the Broadcast Production Manager at RK Media. Hailing from Pennsylvania, Peter Rincon grew up playing soccer and piano. He studied music engineering at the University of Miami, and began specializing in TV and radio commercials. He cut his teeth as a mixer/sound designer at post-production facilities in New York and Los Angeles.

Settling in Los Angeles, Peter developed a successful commercial mixing career. He was one of the original members of the mixing staff at POP Sound and Formosa Group. He was blessed with several high-profile commercial projects, including Super Bowl spots. He has received several industry awards, including a Grand Clio and one of the first Emmy awards ever given for a commercial.


You can catch some of Peter’s work on Pathway to Victory, Know the Truth and The Voice of the Martyrs daily short feature.

Jessica Kemp