Rachel Bardwell


Rachel Bardwell is proud to represent where East meets West in many areas of her life. 

Originally an East Coaster—raised just outside the Washington D.C. area—Rachel has been putting down roots on the West Coast for the past six years. The oldest of three, Rachel also represents East and West in her family ancestry with her father’s English-Italian heritage and her mother’s Taiwanese background. Last, but not least, Rachel represents the East and West being 60/40, right-left brain. This makes her a creative type who enjoys strategy and research.

Rachel first heard God’s call to work in Christian Media when she was just in high school, prompting her to attend university in California.  Living in the Los Angeles area, she worked at a local church while majoring in advertising with a concentration in film studies. A graduate of Pepperdine University, Rachel has garnered experience in advertising, digital trends, and website and graphic design. Rachel’s heart is to use all her skills and passions to proclaim the Gospel through media to all people—East and West.