Serving you from concept to production and distribution

RK Media acts as the direct liaison between our ministry partners and the radio and television stations that carry their programs

Our Services

As a dynamic creative agency, RK Media serves our ministry partners with the following services


Media Buying

Securing a strong portfolio of stations for our clients is an ongoing and relentless assignment. It includes buying airtime where necessary and monitoring the impact of every dollar spent.


Media Relations

As liaison between ministries and stations, we build strong relationships with our broadcast partners. From promotional materials to collaboration on events and conferences, we equip stations to make our programs successful.




Writing for the ear is an art form. And every word counts. Our team of writers and producers carefully craft creative copy and work with on-air personalities to ensure maximum impact and response from listeners.


Editing and Production

Radio listeners, television viewers, and internet surfers consume our content at will. As such, it’s our job to engage them at meaningful levels to gain their trust and capture their imagination. This requires excellence in production techniques.


Marketing and Strategic Planning

It’s one thing to create a strong media product. It’s quite another to make the business model work. We collaborate with our ministry partners to develop successful marketing and fundraising plans that build listener response.


Print and Digital Content Design

Successful media ministries must develop productive direct mail and digital campaigns. We originate monthly messaging across all channels to ensure the success of these campaigns that cultivate listener loyalty.


Our Team

Story Tellers, Trail Blazers, Brand Builders

RK Media is a curated group made up of the industry’s finest writers, award-winning producers, and foward-thinking content creators.


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