Jessie Jolliff


Jessie was born in the midst of her parents’ mission work in Kenya, where she lived for seven years.

She then spent three years in Mississippi before moving to Southern California, where she lived out the rest of her childhood. Growing up in another country has given Jessie a unique third-culture perspective that she finds highly advantageous for creative problem solving and creative thinking in general. It has also made the hymn “Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go” a very real and ever-present motif in her life.

Jessie gained marketing experience in the rental home industry before God brought her to RK Media to serve as a part of the Media Services Team with her skills and eclectic cultural background. She has her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Pepperdine University.

During her free time, Jessie loves making people laugh, attending her weekly Bible study, singing with her church ensemble, painting and, when inspired, composing music and lyrics. She also enjoys writing silly short stories and telling them with the panache of a troubadour.